Inland haulage

Inland haulage

Inland haulage

In term of inland haulage, Nguyen Dang proud of the powerful fleet, the experienced and enthusiastic driver team. We delivery cargo throughout the country for customers needs. Nguyen Dang ensures every shipment is always transported safely, on schedule, in the shortest route with the lowest cost.

Nguyen Dang also provides a variety of transportation solutions to suit actual conditions such as barges, trains, inland waterways, etc.

Regular services

  • Container truck transportation
  • Railway transportation
  • Inland waterways transportation
  • Warehousing & Distribution

Special services

  • OOG cargo
  • Projects cargo
  • DG cargo
  • Expensive and vulnerable goods service
  • Reefer cargo
  • Breakbulk solution
  • Super short and extra long-distance transportation
  • Cross-border transportation
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