GEODIS launches new rail link between France and Italy

GEODIS launches new rail link between France and Italy

GEODIS Road Transport Line of Business is expanding its network in Europe with the introduction of a road-rail solution, connecting the Paris region with northern Italy.

Officially launched on 18 January, the line links Noisy-le-Sec in France to Novara in Italy and is intended to offer an alternative to road transport.

“We are delighted to be able to offer a road-rail solution to our customers including delivery to or from France, for packaged products as well as liquids or powders; hazardous materials or waste,” said Daniele Bernardi, managing director of the GEODIS Road Transport Line of Business in Italy, adding that a single loading unit is used from the sender to the recipient (swap bodies, box containers and tanks).

On a booked path, GEODIS operates three rotations per week (six round trips) and offers a loading capacity of 240 Intermodal Transport Units (ITUs) per week. This represents a saving of up to 75% in greenhouse gas emissions, compared to a typical Milan-Paris Region road route.

“All our container carriers are equipped with GPS beacons to guarantee safety and real-time information,” pointed out Bernardi.

Marc Vollet, director of operations and multimodal for the GEODIS Road Transport Line of Business, commented, “This new France-Italy route provides our customers with additional capacity for cross-border multimodal transport and it emits three times less CO2 than transport by road.”

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