Nguyen Dang Vietnam Forwarding – MOKA project

Nguyen Dang Vietnam – Enexio Germany ‘s project – the 6th MOKA shipment in 2018

Along with the rapid development of technological advances, the “battle” between enterprises in the market today becomes more and more severe and fierce. Logistics has become a “secret weapon” of businesses as they know how to deploy the right strategies and activities. Not only helps optimize the process of moving materials, goods … logistics also strongly increases competitiveness and effectively reduce the cost for businesses.

The following are actual visual images from the MOKA 6th project from Hoang Dieu Port, Hai Phong to HITACHI port, JAPAN of Nguyen Dang Viet Nam and ENEXIO Germany. The project is on schedule October 2018. Services carried out in the project include: inland trucking from factory to Hoang Dieu port, Hai Phong, down deck, customs clearance, and sea freight booking